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Discover A Fun And Natural Dog Photographer In London

Being out in their natural environment and favourite spot be that the park, in the garden, out in the countryside is probably the best way to capture a dog’s personality on camera.

Marieke is an experienced and passionate natural pet photographer based in London working for Present Moments Pet Photography and can take these shots of your furry companion  for you to be treasured forever.

Cherishing your dog’s memory is something special but doing so around natural surroundings will help to evoke memories of their unique nature.

Why choose a natural dog photographer in London?

The amount of green space in London means that dog walkers are rife. We know that, although you may have a number of different walking spots, there will be one little space that your dog loves and enjoys more than any.

Whether it’s a place with a little stream they love to cool off in or a place full of other dogs they can socialise with, a natural dog photographer can capture these unique moments.

Freezing the instant that they shake off the water from their fur or the split second they are in full flight jumping after a tennis ball will produce exceptional and memorable photographs.

To discover the fun and enjoyable photoshoot available at Present Moments Pet Photography, get in contact today.

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