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Find A Dedicated Pet Photographer Based In London

We all have a unique relationship with our pets – our special companions that add so much to our lives.


Whether you have a dog, cat or any other pet it is a joy to have beautiful photos of them to cherish forever.


At Present Moments Pet Photography you can find a pet photographer based in London with the skills to create awe-inspiring and adorable photographs.


Why choose Marieke as your pet photographer in London?


If you are looking for someone that understands the relationship that pets and their owners have together, you are in the right place.


By choosing Present Moments Pet Photography, Marieke will work closely with you to produce beautiful images, printed on high quality paper.


Marieke will sit down with you before any clicks of the camera and get to know your pet and your relationship with them. Then you can you work together to create creative, unique photographs.


Whether you are hanging them up on the wall and framing the photographs or you want to place them in a dedicated pet family album, Marieke and her experience as a pet photographer based in London is on hand to help you.


To find out more about the process of taking the pet photographs and what inspires Present Moments Pet Photography, get in contact today.

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