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Find A Natural Pet Photographer In London

Nature is intrinsically involved in the relationships we have with our pets. Cats venture out and explore the world under their paws; dogs take trips through woods, in lakes and across parks; rabbits escape their dens at their heart’s desire.

At Present Moments Pet Photography you will find nature and pets are entwined. As a natural pet photographer in London, you can place your faith in Marieke Wrigley to create a collection of photographs that you can cherish for many years in the future.

Why choose nature as your setting for gorgeous photographs?

Your pets will have an affinity with the great outdoors.

Whether they have a favourite place in your garden or love a particular lake on your walk, you can work together to produce beautiful images for your whole family to enjoy.

Natural pet photography at Present Moments Pet Photography will be a personable and fun experience. You will be supported by a photographer who is passionate about taking photographs – especially when it comes to your pets and nature.

Marieke will combine your pet’s exuberance and their love of nature with your special relationship with them. This synergy will produce a set of photographs that will look amazing framed on your mantelpiece, hung up on walls and shared across your social media.

Get in contact to find out more.

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