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Premium Pet Photographer

Give your furry friend a model treatment with Present Moments Pet Photography. I specialise in creating and developing images of your pets that’ll stay on your walls for years to come. Whether you have a dog, cat, any kind of furry friend, I create portraits that truly emphasise the spirit and soul of your pet. 


I am London-Based with years of experience utilising lighting and natural settings to demonstrate the qualities and character that define your pet.

I will produce beautiful images of your pet and ensure that they are both comfortable and content during the session. I seek not only to demonstrate the natural beauty of your pet, but also to display the special relationship you have with them.

At Present Moments Pet Photography I will work with you to develop a friendly and warm atmosphere for both you and your pet to make the experience both enjoyable and productive.  

To find out more about what I have available, please do get in contact via my website and by filling out the provided form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or give me a call on: 07766 931324.

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