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Pet Photoshoot

Get the beautiful quality pictures that you are looking for at Present Moments Pet Photography. We love working with animals and their owners to produce both natural and beautiful photos. 


Present Moments Pet Photography will work with you to capture the special bond you have with your pets, the relationship you share and how you interact and respond to each other. 


We do this by getting to know you and working closely with you and your pet so that both you feel comfortable, and the pictures are taken in a natural environment in which you both feel at home. 


We make it a special Pet Photoshoot by looking to show off those quirks that define your pet, the way they play and interact with you and the environment.  These special moments will be captured on film for you to keep and treasure. We will utilise a variety of different lenses, angles and light to make sure you get the pictures you’re looking for.  


To find out more about what we can do for you, get in contact either by giving us a ring on: 07766 931324

Or by filling out the ​form provided​ on our website.

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