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Treasure The Cutest Moments With Puppy Photography

When we first set eyes on our puppy, we want to cherish them forever. Their first tentative steps in their new home and soon leaping and bounding around your living areas. 

Puppy photography at Present Moments Pet Photography is one of the most popular services for this very reason. Before your puppy begins to grow and develop into an adult dog, you will want to treasure the amazing moments that frame this time. 

With Marieke Wrigley you can have puppy photographs, professionally taken that look great, will show off their personality and give you memories to treasure.

What’s involved in puppy photography?

Puppy photography from Marieke will be all about your dog and your relationship with them. Whether they are chewing on their favourite toy or snack, or looking tilt-headed at you special individualised shots will be taken by Marieke. 

To start creating a portfolio of photographs of your little one as they grow and develop, book a puppy photography session today. 

Get in contact with Marieke for puppy photography in London.

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