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Why Should You Choose Professional Cat Photography?

Cats are such special pets and each has a unique and individual character.

The love, attention and playfulness they display comes in bursts of activity.

They may have a favourite toy that they love to play with, a special hiding place, every cat will be a little different. These can all be captured through professional cat photography.

At Present Moments Pet Photography you can create a collection of photographs alongside a professional photographer that you can cherish for the rest of your lives.

Why choose Present Moments Pet Photography?

  • Focus on relationship: The most important – and amazing – aspect of having a pet companion is the relationship between each other. The affection and closeness shared can be captured through photography.

  • Patient approach: Experienced as a cat and pet photographer, Marieke will take the time and approach to ensure that your cat is comfortable before taking any shots.

  • Natural shots: Utilising the power of the great outdoors, cat photography can be further enhanced. Your cat in the garden can bring a new side to the whole collection of photographs.

Get in contact with Marieke today to discover more about her work.

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