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Why Choose Professional Cat Photography

Cats are wonderful and alluring creatures. They are interesting, unique and, in many cases, literally "off the wall". They’ll try and leap onto a surface which is too far away, find ways of attracting your attention when they’re just a little hungry, all in a day’s work.

It’s these little quirks that endears them to us, but also what can make them difficult to capture on film.
It is no problem for a professional cat photographer at Present Moments Pet Photography.

Marieke is on task to provide you with a collection of gorgeous photos that can adorn your walls, fit into your photo frames and be shared on social media with all your friends.

Why choose professional cat photography?

Trying to take a photo of your cat on your phone will often end in a blurry shot that doesn’t really make them stand out. Even if you have the best phone camera, it often fails to capture the emotion and unique nature of your cat.

By investing in Present Moments Pet Photography you will have professional cat photography which frame and portray the personality of your furry friend.

No matter the type of cat you have, or its age, Marieke will creatively and skilfully create a set of images for you to cherish forever.

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